Health IT Salaries Well Above Other Sectors

//Health IT Salaries Well Above Other Sectors

Health IT Salaries Well Above Other Sectors

IT professionals are currently in an enviable position. IT in general is increasingly critical to business operations for organizations across virtually every sector, and that means a huge number of firms are eagerly looking to hire IT professionals. There simply aren’t enough candidates with these skills available to meet the level of demand.

Hence the need for IT professionals is particularly pronounced here. Naturally, this means that IT professionals’ salaries in the health care sector are significantly surpassing those in other industries.

IT Salaries Are Up Everywhere 
To appreciate the advantages of careers in health IT, it’s first useful to consider how well these professionals are being compensated across all industries. Glassdoor sheds some light on this subject. According to the career website, which took into account nearly 200 job descriptions with salary postings, IT professionals across the U.S. receive an average salary of around $83,000, with the highest posts offering $119,000.

Salaries are growing for IT professionals.
Salaries are growing for IT professionals.

What’s more, these numbers are likely to continue to rise in the near future. As Computerworld contributor Stacy Collett explained, “Companies that desperately need hot IT skills are ratcheting up salaries and bonuses to lure talented tech workers.”

The writer pointed to the latest Computerworld IT Salary Survey, which took into account feedback from more than 4,800 IT professionals, and found that average total compensation increased 3.6 percent in 2015 relative to the year before. Last year’s surveys saw IT professionals’ salaries grow 2 percent. This suggests that not only are IT professionals seeing greater compensation as demand for their services grows, but the rate of these salary increases is also accelerating.

In this year’s Computerworld survey, 67 percent of respondents said they’d received a raise in the past year, up from 60 percent in 2014, 57 percent in 2013 and 47 percent in 2012. Of course, many other IT professionals have moved between organizations in pursuit of greater compensation.

IT Salaries in Health Care
In the health care sector specifically, the compensation for IT professionals is even greater.

“The average salary was nearly $90,000 last year for health care IT professionals.”

Notably,’s 2014 salary report, based on responses from nearly 700 U.S.-based respondents, found that the average salary in this sector was just shy of $90,000 last year. Importantly, this figure does not take into account bonuses, which were received by 30 percent of the survey’s participants. The average size of these bonuses was more than $13,000.

The survey found that health care IT professionals’ salaries varied somewhat by region across the country. The Mid-Atlantic region saw the highest compensation, with an average salary of nearly $106,000.

There was also variation among job functions. IT Project Managers received an average salary of $111,600, making this the most well-paid position included in the survey. This was followed by professionals working with Health Care Informatics, at $94,000, and Systems Analysts, at $81,600.

Unsurprisingly, more experienced IT professionals in the health care sector can expect higher salaries than newer workers. According to the survey, employees with two years of experience or less received $70,200 on average – a figure which increased to $103,700 with 11 to 15 years of experience and $145,000 on average for professionals with more than 20 years in the industry.

One last factor was certification. The survey found that certified IT professionals in the health care sector could expect an average salary of more than $95,000, as compared to $82,400 for those without certification.

Considering these figures, it’s easy to see why now is such a great time to be an IT professional in the health care sector – the compensation is excellent, and it’s poised to grow.

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